Sunday, October 9, 2011


An hour ago it was cripsy and fall like when I was getting dressed for my 'Sunday Go get the Paper Walk'.  So I put on jeans, a flannel shirt and my vintage Pendleton 49er Jacket (c. 1940s or 50s).
An hour from now it will be a very warm summer day spent with coffee and the paper in the garden.

I used to be a maniac vintage/thrift shopper.  It was like 'Big Game Hunting'.  I found the price tag for this shirt/jack in it's pocket; 12.00.  I just recieved a Pendleton Catalogue; going price 178.00 !!
See, 'Big Game Hunting' !
There used to be a dozen great Thrift/Vintage stores in Venice and Santa Monica.  Most are gone now.  They've fallen victim to the 'gentrification' movement.