Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

----come on, really where else could this exist------ I LOVE IT !!! And the food is delicious !

2010_01_meat.png1) The Tasty Meat Truck: Not to be confused with The Flying Pig Truck comes another mobile vendor with a flying pig logo, The Tasty Meat Truck. This bad boy debuted about two weeks ago serving up four types of Turkish wraps plus feta fries, and grilled cheese.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Food for Thought

Almost all of California's 840 miles of coastline are State Parks. Unlike most states that allow private ownership of beaches, all of our beaches belong to all of us.
Because of California's budget problems keeping the State Parks/Beaches open and cared for has been a struggle.
This organization is my favorite charity.

----From the Inside Out--

alibi room



the alibi room is home base to Kogi Korean BBQ 'gourmet taco truck.
Kogi Twitters their locations every day. This seems to be a new trend here, the 'Gourmet Taco Truck'. What great idea !

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Being in this place, looking at this view is just riveting to me.
The view is from the Casa del Mar Hotel. I was built in 1928/29 dedicated in 1929 as a massively luxurious private beach club on the beach in Santa Monica. Within weeks the bottom fell out of the Stock Market and the depression strangled the Nation for almost a decade.
Somehow this beautiful building hung on and recently was beautifully restored; handcrafted woodwork, soaring coffered ceilings, walk-in fireplaces and the peerless Malibu Tiles.
What a treasure.
I come about 45 minutes before sunset and watch this view unfold, each evening in different colors but always with the 100 year old Santa Monica Pier ( the western terminus of Route 66) and the solar powered pshchedylic light show of the Ferris Wheel.


CALIFORNIATING; Sort of like marinating, but not exactly.

This blog is about my obsession with all thing California and Los Angeles in particular.
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