Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Being in this place, looking at this view is just riveting to me.
The view is from the Casa del Mar Hotel. I was built in 1928/29 dedicated in 1929 as a massively luxurious private beach club on the beach in Santa Monica. Within weeks the bottom fell out of the Stock Market and the depression strangled the Nation for almost a decade.
Somehow this beautiful building hung on and recently was beautifully restored; handcrafted woodwork, soaring coffered ceilings, walk-in fireplaces and the peerless Malibu Tiles.
What a treasure.
I come about 45 minutes before sunset and watch this view unfold, each evening in different colors but always with the 100 year old Santa Monica Pier ( the western terminus of Route 66) and the solar powered pshchedylic light show of the Ferris Wheel.

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