Thursday, April 29, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright 'Plantation'

I have long admired the art and architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. I recently discoverd a site with wonderful photographs of a house/estate he designed that I had never heard of.
This is described as Wright's take on a southern Plantation. It's just amazing. Not one wall is vertical, they all slant and slope. Everything is hand crafted. The stables and chicken coops are gorgeous.
What a guy. Yes, he was wildly eccentric, arrogant and vain--------but maybe that's what it takes, maybe all of us are bless to have his creations of genius.
I'm so grateful to the photographer for making his beautiful photos available to all of us.

There are many photos, so when you have some time to spare visit this link. I think you feel it was worth it.

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  1. Sorry for the multiple emails. I had trouble getting the link to work.